Company Profile

Hi-Tech Air-Conditioning Refrigeration and Technical Services Limited has been in business since 1996. It is one of the leading companies in Kenya, within the selected market segment, capturing business with suppliers both within Kenya and adjacent countries. Experience and dedication has seen this once fledgling organization rise to great heights whilst taking on stiff competition from key players, to become an acknowledged authority in the industry. From domestic and industrial Air-Conditioning to mechanical ventilation to custom designed and enhanced cold-rooms pre-fabricated to International standards. All this and more is available at Hi-Tech Air-Conditioning. Where specific units are required direct lines of import have been established. Our “price tags” are consumer friendly in affordability specially branded to serve both the corporate and private clients. Apart from installations, repairs and maintenance, Hi-Tech also has a 24 hour stand–by response and service accessible by mobile phone and has constant Radio call / mobile contact with its engineers / technicians on the ground, offering prompt services and attention at all times.

Hi-Tech Air-Conditioning Refrigeration and Technical Services Limited is presently a well functioning unit serving a wide range of customers in the East Africa region. Its main focus is the air conditioning and refrigeration market where both products and skills are well developed. Hi-Tech Air-Conditioning Refrigeration and Technical Services Limited is focused on developing services and products that meet the standards or needs of our clients. Our desire being to serve our customers beyond the normal complacent levels of satisfaction by giving all the required assistance, after sales service and adequate supply of all parts demand may require. For more information please contact us and we shall be more than happy to respond to your queries.

Our highly qualified personell can handle verious challenging tasks brought to their table with much ease as they have encountered many different problems of the same nature giving them a upper hand over other service providers ,we have personell with experience of more than 35 years.

We have highly experienced and talented design professionals in our team who make sure that all our working drawings are up to required standards Hence spearheading all our projects on site giving them a fine touch of an output.

Managing time is one very important task that we undertake wholeheartedly, we train everyone in our organization to manage his/ her time well hence maintaining the overall time schedule for the whole project we undertake

With a vast experience of mechanical ventilation, Air conditioning Refrigeration , engeneering and other building services for more than 35 years, we are highly confident of making the best quality systems with minimum cost of maintenance required.